Kratos Grip X1 Universal Mobile Holder for Car

  1. Easy One-Click Mechanism: Effortlessly mount and remove your phone with a single press for secure holding while driving. 

  2. Adjustable Viewing Angles: Customize your phone's viewing angle with a telescopic long arm and 360-degree rotatable ball joint.

  3. Stable Triangle Design: Ensures stability on bumpy roads and during sudden braking with a secure triangle design and bottom support.

  4. Strong Adhesive Suction: Secure your phone to both smooth and textured surfaces with strong suction.

  5. Deeper and Wider Clip Arm: Accommodate larger phones with cases using a wider clip arm.

  6. Designed for Everyone on the Move: Ideal for car owners, commuters, professionals, and taxi drivers, enabling hassle-free GPS navigation and hands-free calling.

  7. Space for Charging Port: Charge your device on the go while mounted on the holder for uninterrupted power during journeys.