Kratos ULTRA SW16 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

  • 1.85" HD LCD Display: Experience stunning visuals on our smartwatches 1.85" HD LCD display.With vibrant colors & sharp clarity, enjoy seamless navigation and enhanced readability. 1.8mm curved display with 600 nits brightness allows a clear vision. 
  • Loaded with Highend Features: Elevate your lifestyle with our smartwatch which loaded with features like SpO2, BP & HR monitoring,Sedentary Monitor, App notifications, Voice Command, bluetooth photo capture,G-Sensor. Stay fit with our smartwatch men.
  • Stay connected on the go with our smartwatches Bluetooth calling feature. Effortlessly make and receive calls directly from your wrist, ensuring convenience and hands-free communication. These Calling smart watch ensures crystal-clear sound quality.
  • Crafted with beautiful crown control, instantly switch watch faces with a simple twist. Set your watch faces as per your moods. The Elegant crown control button ensures a seamless blend of style and functionality.
  • Control your Fitness watch with Voice Assistant. Simply give voice commands for instant access to information, set reminders, and manage tasks.A seamless, hands-free solution that keeps you in control throughout your day. 
  • Seize control of your well-being with our Android watch. Monitor heart rate, BP, SpO2 levels, sleep patterns & Sedentary Monitoring to gain valuable insights. Achieve your fitness goals effortlessly with precise footstep tracking of our smart watch.