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3 in 1 Charging Cable

  • Multi-functional 3 in 1 charging cable with built-in all three cables like Type C, and Micro USB connectors and compatible for iphone, allowing compatibility with every phones. Charge multiple devices simultaneously with just one cable.


  • This  3in1 charging cable fast charging is faster than standard cables, supporting up to 66W with stable current protection and rapid charging. It also supports a range of fast charging technologies, including Dash Charging, Quick Charge, Flash Charge, and Mi Turbo Charge


  • This durable charging cable 3 in 1 fast charging is crafted from high quality nylon material, providing resistance to fraying and wear-related damage. Its flexibility and durability make it ideal for long-term use.


  • Multi charger cable fast charging boasts special features like a touch and sleek design, premium nylon braided material, and high durability.


  • These multi pin charging cable gives you the convenience of not carrying multiple charging cables. one 3 in 1cable charges meets your all devices charging requirement.


  • 3in 1 charging cable with Robustic Design, the super purity copper conductor ensures high quality and safe charging. Resist high pressure with excellent design


  • For Charging multiple devices, these 3 in 1 fast charging cable is recommended to use a USB power adapter with a minimum output of 2A


  • These 3 in 1 cable comes with a 6 month brand warranty. Register your purchase on gokratos dot com within 10 days of purchase to avail the warranty. Reach the Customer support team at 8148273270 for any queries about 3 in 1 charging cable fast charging .