Different Types Of Power Banks, Their Features, And Benefits

July 05, 2022 5 min read

Different Types Of Power Banks


Are you looking to buy a power bank? Don't, before you read this article! This article talks about the different types of power banks, their features, and the benefits of having one.


Can you imagine waiting for an extremely important call and suddenly seeing your phone is low on battery with no power socket near you? It's nothing short of a nightmare, is it not? Thanks to technology, we now have a saviour: Power banks! A power bank has saved so many of us from getting bored, missing out on important information, or just… keeping a Snapchat streak from breaking! 

Can You Imagine A World Without Power Banks? 

Before 2001, there was! A Chinese business called Pisen invented the first portable power bank only in 2001. The initial design consisted of two AA batteries connected by a circuit!

So, let's talk more about thedifferent types of power banks, their features and benefits, and find a place where you can buy one! Wait till the end of this blog to know what kind of power banks you carry with you to the airport. 

Different Types Of Power Banks 

We can differentiate the different types of power banks into three main categories: Standard power banks, Wireless power banks and Solar power banks. 

1. Standard Power Banks

These standard power banks or portable power banks are the most popular types of power banks available in compact sizes and hence can be carried around everywhere. These power banks require wires that connect your phone to them and can be of use as long as it is charged enough. 

The amount of time a power bank takes to charge depends on various factors. TheGoKratos power bank, for example, supports fast input and hence charges itself in 3-4 hours, sustaining for the entire day. 


2. Wireless Power Banks 

The wireless power bank is the next in our list of the different types of power banks. As the name suggests, this does not require wires, and your device can be charged just by placing it on the power bank. A wireless power bank has charging coils for generating energy and a battery for storing it. It's more of a travel-friendly wireless charger.

Travellers, businesspeople, and everyday selfie-takers all love wireless power banks. Having a wireless power bank to charge your phone is a godsend when wall outlets are few.

3. Solar Power Banks 

As the name implies, a solar power bank charges itself using solar energy before being used to charge other electronic devices. Solar energy is stored as solar packs in the battery and then used. Keep your solar power bank in a brightly lit area for many hours, and it will last for 24 hours.

It's a green way to charge your phone, saving electricity in the near term. One of the most significant disadvantages of solar power banks is that their performance diminishes overcast days. Of course, they'd be able to charge your devices, but the power would be reduced by 10 to 25%.

These were the three different types of power banks! Let's now talk more in detail about the features of power bank! 

Features Of Power Bank 

1. Capacity:

The first and most obvious features of power bank are its capacity. The capacity of a power bank is measured in mAh (milliamp hours). A high-capacity power bank will have a higher mAh, and vice versa. Every power bank you find has a different capacity, so don't forget to check that before purchasing. 

For a better understanding, we can divide the different types of power banks based on their mAh: 

> Small power banks(up to 7,500mAh)are usually sufficient to fully charge a smartphone once. 

> Medium power banks(7,500-14,999mAh) can typically charge a smartphone twice.

> Large power banks(above 15,000mAh) can frequently charge a smartphone four times or more.

Remember! Before Flying, Double-Check Your Airline's Policies.

Most power banks can be taken on aircraft as carry-on luggage, but not as checked luggage. Power banks with extremely high capacities (approximately anything over 27,000mAh) are not permitted on planes and may be confiscated at the airport. 


- Power delivery:

Another one of the features of power bank to look out for is its power delivery or 'PD.' Thai refers to a fast charging technology that enables a power bank to charge your device. This is accomplished by boosting the charging power to the greatest amount your device can safely tolerate. Only compatible USB-C cables with specialised chips that prevent overheating will operate. To use this feature, you'll need a USB-C cable that's compatible with it.

- Display:

The majority of power banks feature the same style of display: four LED lights controlled by a power button. All four lights turn on when the battery is fully charged. When the room is empty, all four lights are turned off. Some models feature little screens showing how much charge is left in the power bank if you desire a more detailed display.

 - Dual output 

Another one of the features of power bank to look out for is the option to be able to charge two phones at the same time. Through this feature, you can always charge another phone along with yours or charge both your phones together without any worries!

Benefits Of Power Banks 

If you're still pondering on whether or not you should buy one of the different types of power banks, here is a list of the benefits of power bank that make it a smart purchase: 

- Easily portable

The first among the benefits of power bank is that it can easily be held, i.e., it can fit in the palm of your hand. This makes it very convenient and easy to carry no matter where you go! You can easily find space for it in your bag and pocket, and ensure your phone is always charged for you to conquer the day! 

- Fast charging

We almost never have the time and patience to wait for our phones to charge to 100% with our current lifestyle. Hence, the next benefit of power bank is that you can charge it quickly while on the go!

- Affordable 

You can easily find a good quality power bank under 1,500 INR which will function for years together. Hence, you can keep your phone fully charged whenever you want to without worrying about the cost. 

- Reusable 

You don't have to buy a new power bank every time you need to charge your electrical devices. The same power bank can be recharged and reused multiple times. Hence, even if you own a phone with poor battery performance, a power bank has your back! 

Now that we've covered the benefits of power bank let's see where you can buy one from! 

Which Power Bank To Buy? 

A power bank is generally a long-term investment. The best place to buy a power bank is from GoKratos. These are the following features of the10,000 mAh power bank offered by GoKratos: 

> Protection: Portable ergonomic design with strong ABS exterior and high-quality chipset with numerous levels of protection.

> Li-Polymer Battery: GoKratos' power banks have the Li-Polymer battery charger with a huge capacity that allows you to charge your smart electronic gadgets numerous times.

> Quick Charge: It accepts fast input and charges in 3-4 hours.

>Dual Output Simultaneously: It can simultaneously charge two smart gadgets with dual output ports.

> Small Size: Its small in size, you can put in your pocket. 


While camping, travelling or attending a festival, a power bank can be extremely useful. It can help you avoid running out of battery on your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices. You never know when you'll be without access to a wall outlet, so having a power bank on hand can come in handy.

So, get your ownGoKratos power banks and always be fully charged! What do you look for in a power bank? Let us know in the comments below!